Dnaleri is a beautiful land, small in comparison to the other lands, but a center of magical energies. Many of the mystical/magical creatures are said to originate here first. Dnaleri
Coalition of Wizards, The Demartre Because of the intense magic that permeates this land, its population is limited and controlled by a coalition of wizards. Because the land generates so much magic, the cities of Dnaleri are the most protected and most unique in all the world. 

Magical devices can be bought for half their normal cost in the magic shops of this land. Getting them off the continent is yet another matter. 

Gnomish Kingdom A gnomish king rules over the gnomish population that permeates the open spaces of the land. Immune to and seeming to thrive on the magic of the land, the gnomish population flourishes and is the most concentrated of any in the world. They assist the wizard caretakers and are often highly "prank"-matic to those who visit their lands.

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