Acirfa is the wild north-eastern part of the Acirema/Acirfa continent. Jungles fed by the warm Mediterranean climate of the Cificap Sea make this area ideal for the realm of the forest elves. Long in residence on this world, the elves claim the dense deep of these jungles as their domain.  Acirfa
Several cities have grown up where elves and the other races of the world meet to exchange news and goods. Mostly a human trait, these centers do not rank high on the elven importance scale. As destinations of exotic goods and experiences, these cities are the most intriguing and interesting of any of the cities on all of Metaphaze. This is not, however, a trip for the weak at heart.
Acirfa City Governments

Government of these exotic ports is governed by the ruling body of each of those towns. Separated by dense jungles and ignored by the majority of the elven population, they tend to fend for themselves and are not limited by any regional government.  Some of the cities owe their existence to ancient elven attempts at creating cities.  Soaring jungle trees that have become miniature skyscrapers of natural materials create unique travel destinations for adventurers intent on maximizing their experiences with other cultures.
Elven Kingdoms The deepest jungles of Acirfa are ruled by the elves.  The elven kingdoms are ruled by the "NazRat GnikfoElguj".  Each of the six kingdoms are loosely aligned with the cities in their domains. All of the elven kingdoms are ruled by elven kings or queens.  Their tollerance for outsiders is determined by their leadership and the locality where they are encountered.  Those encounters that occur closer to cities are in general more permissive than an encounter off the normal trails and in the jungle proper.
Mystry The kingdom of Mystry is located in the jungles around Hamruabbi.
Chu-Che The kingdom of Chu-Che is located in the jungles around Taznia.
Bazcho The kingdom of Bazcho is located in the jungles around Harrencourt.
Vin The kingdom of Vin is located in the jungles around Llylande.
Sayalamih The kingdom of Sayalamih is located in the mountains and jungles around the city of Illandria.
Fachen The kingdom of Fachen is located around the city of Waubinaire.

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