Acirema like Eporue is a continent that is divided into numerous smaller entities that govern themselves. Its cities are some of the most distant apart in Metaphaze.   Acirema has the largest collection of separate governing entities in Metaphaze. Acirema
League of Five Nations

The western edge is ruled by the League of Five Nations a coalition of 5 cities and tribes located in that area. The cities of Plymouth, Boston, St. Mary's, Jamestown and Charleston are all part of the League of Five Nations.  The five nations are the Seneca, Cayuga, Oneida, Onadaga and Mohawk.  

Each nation is composed of a multitude of tribes which are all governed by a chief.  The collective chiefs of each nation form a collective Council of Elders who in turn are part of the League.  

Anazazi Empire


Anazazi Empire is a collection of 4 cities that govern the area that control the mountains of Naitalippa a rich and diverse source of raw resources.  The cities of Montreal, Frederick, New Orleans and Georgetown are part of the Anazazi Empire. The Anazazi are a separate tribe similar to those of the Five Nations, but are independent and have elven and dwarven components that are significantly different than that of their western neighbors.  

The overall ruler of the Empire is the "Tinga Bouli" or the Chief of Chiefs, who like the Elder of any tribe oversees all tribes in the Empire.

Kingdom of Cetza               


Drenskellar Company

Two major island nations control the two largest islands off the Straits of Indian. The first of these is the Kingdom of Cetza

The government of Gibatarer is based on the wishes of its primary benefactor, the Family of Drenskellar, whose primary seat of power dominates the capital city of Quebec.  The elected mayor of the city has many duties and responsibilities and works in close concert with the family representative in ensuring that the will of the people is not in opposition of that of the company.  The Drenskellar generosity guarantees the loyalty of almost all the population.

Nation of Gibatarer

North of Cetza, can be found the island Nation of Gibatarer.  It is the second major island nation in control of an island off the Straits of Indian.  It is a highly organized society which produces quality goods.  

It is governed by a governor who is elected by the general population once every ten years.  The governor is supported by an administrative collection of officials who's primary responsibilities are the various facets of resource management that the government is interested in managing.  There is an official of Trade, Natural Resources, Cities, Farming and Security.



Another kingdom in Acirema is that of Naitpyge (pronounced Nit-pie) on the eastern edge of Acirema.  It is governed by a line of pharaohs whose history extends back to the beginning of human occupation of the region.  

The current ruler is Ahk-ahad Amon XXIII, an evil necromancer of phenominal ability.



The kingdom of Wei extends south from that of Naitpyge and covers the eastern side of the Great Desert.

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