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Massive update.... too much to document here... all the maps are updated, expanded, and larger.  Cities have had changes.  There are now 100 castles listed (not all contain details... more to come later.)  The government pages have been expanded to detail kingdoms and other details.

KNIGHT's FURY is now open for new players.  Game is restarting.  See the PBM page.

07/10/2000 -

Misc Updates throughout the site... tweaking!

Added castle details to Mandibar Castles of Meistermann, Simile, Ghoul and Beast.

Added hyperlinks to maps of Eporue.


04/27/2000 -

Added details to Eporue region maps.  Cleanup of files.


01/05/2000 -

Fortress of  the Silent Sandel Updated!

Other castles update.  See Mayberry Castle.

02/24/99 -

City Richmond is now 3-D!

12/23/98 -

Added detail pictures to Trier (Cities ->Trier)

10/08/98 -

    Added detail pictures to Venicia (Cities ->Venicia)

    Library tomes updated.

    Library tome for Kings/Queens of Dnalgne added to library.

9/25/98 -

    Added detail pictures to the city of Bristol (Cities->Bristol)

    Added additional banners to the "Book of Flags" in the library.

    Created all the thumbnails for the continent city index pages

    Created additional castle details.  Consolidated art and details for castles that had already been created. 

    Reviewed all maps and created castle/*.htm members for each castle detailed on maps

    Created a Castle's Index page. (castle/index.htm)

    Tried to make hot-spots for the Dnalgne Detail map... may not work after upload

    Tried to make hot-spots for the World Map... may not work after upload

    Broken links are down to 148 and counting.

    Detailed Whadjuk City. (Cities -> Whadjuk)

    Created INDEXNEW.HTM <-- This document!

9/1/98 -

    Imported the entire site into FRONT PAGE 98.  WOW! Highly recommended!

    Full function INDEX substituted for the old INDEX pages.  A-Z with more than 800 entries.

    Corrected a whole slew of link boo-boos.... Got it down to 253 broken links, most of them for graphics I've not yet created.


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