METAPHAZE, World of Magic

MAGIC in Metaphaze is powerful. In a society where magic is a daily occurrence, surrounding the populace with its wonders and intensity, much of the population has come to recognize both its benefits as well as its banns. Living with the benefits is nothing different than people living with technology today. You may find hints of technology blended into the Metaphaze Campaign. Perhaps it is because those wizards who introduced it have visited our world or they have simply developed magical equivalents in the Metaphaze world without the benefit of seeing our worlds equivalent.

Powerful magic is something that a campaign must balance against all other powers in a world. Because of the power of magic in Metaphaze, it is not uncommon to run into magic infused into the very stones of the buildings and inhabited reaches of the Metaphaze world. The tingle of magic is both familiar as well as known to most creatures living in the Metaphaze world.

Enchantment of buildings and structures is not uncommon in Metaphaze.  Almost all towers owned by wizards are enchanted with powerful magics.   Imbedded in the formulas of the magics imbedded in buildings is protections, defenses and even offensive capabilities.

Wizards of simple abilities are a dime a dozen while their more powerful counterparts are more highly trained and tend to hold positions of importance in the communities they are part of.  Many wizards like their privacy when involved in extensive research or enchantment.

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