METAPHAZE, World of Magic WELCOME to METAPHAZE. Some notes from the Author.  

If you find errors or omissions, feel free to email the creator. This is beginning to become a humongous site and it is entirely possible that some details have slipped through the cracks. As of 9/1/98, all pages have been optimized for 1024x768 viewing.

   This site is alwaysConstructionUnder Construction 

These pages use the many facilities available through HTML, and are best when viewed through a NETSCAPE compatible viewer. For example, if the "Under Construction" graphic above is huge and dominates your screen, you are not using a browser that will give you a close approximation to the screens as developed by the author. In that case, the author hopes you will not be discouraged, but he can't guarantee you the appearance of what would otherwise be an impressive bit of work.  

The background for this screen has a blue band on the left and a fushia on the right side. If blue shows up on the right side, your screen is set too wide. Set your screen to the width of the background and you should see the same images as this world was conceived with.  

This is a world in motion. You will probably not see the same things the next time you stop in here! Some of the pages may not appear to be complete. Eventually, they will be updated and more information added to them.  

All graphics unless otherwise specifically noted are under 33K. This means they should load quick and fast. Graphics are done in Corel Draw and exported as GIFs. Even the biggest maps that are over 500K shrink down to a paltry 15K through this process.  

This site, if browsed from top to bottom, side to side, contains in excess of 475 pages, with at least two graphics associated with each page. There is in excess of 11 megabytes of material. Many pages have much more to offer. You have been warned. May your adventure be an exciting one.

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