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The City of Roma, Nekorb

City of Roma

Roma is a city of Nekorb. Small in size, it is famous for its sword-makers. Elven blades of the finest quality in any place in Metaphaze. Other than its many fine sword shops, it has little of interest to offer the casual traveler. As a city, it is interesting only for its connections to the original trade wars with the city of Venicia.

Roma has a population of 7,200 inhabitants.

The Wharf District

The city of Roma, like Venicia, is partially canalled, but does not depend on canals to deliver its population to their destinations. The canal district is the most interesting area in the city.

Roma: Economy

Roma as a trading center is mediocre at best. It was a rival to Venicia at one point in time. Now because of its geographic location, it tends to catch only a minimum of traders who are enough to keep the city vibrant without making it especially prosperous.

Roma is a major manufacturer of fine swords. No finer sword-makers are found anywhere in Metaphaze. Most wizard blades can be traced to Roma as their point of manufacture.

Its main exports are (obviously), swords.

Its main imports are metals, foodstuffs, fine cloths.

Roma: The Races

Roma is one of the two Rose Cities. For the history, see the details under Venicia. As one of the pairs of the Rose Cities, it is heavily supported by a tithe sent to it by the government of Venicia.

Its population is 80% elven. With a mix of the other races making up the last 20%.

Roma: Traveler's Inns

Miscellaneous Businesses



Roma is governed by

Major Temples in Roma


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