Peking, Aissur

City of Peking
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Population: 19,600 Neutral Evil City
 Peking is both a capital of a small kingdom, as well as the center hub to a very lucrative trade source. The barbarian tribes of Aissur all target trade with the city as part of their annual trading routes. Some of the tribes visit the city more often, depending on the territory claimed by each group.

The Wharf District

Peking: Economy

Peking as a trading center is bustling and busy. It is the center for trading for the nomadic tribes of the north.

Peking is a major manufacturer

Its main exports are fish sauces and nets.

The stonecutters guild in the city is constantly training and turning out new "masters" in the art. Those that cannot be put to work in the city are shipped out to other cities in the world.

Its main import is magical research.

Peking: The Races

Peking is one of the cities

Peking: Traveler's Inns

Miscellaneous Businesses



Peking is governed by an emperor, _______.

The emperor owns and maintains an impressive imperial palace in the city. All important visitors to the city first come here to be welcomed by his court before they conduct business in the city. Any attempt by important persons to avoid this obligation is considered a slight against the emperor himself. This condition extends to heroes and other famous persons as well.

Major Temples in Peking

Shang Ti
"Dirt Goddess"

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