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The City of New Orleans, Acirema

The city of New Orleans has a population of 43,000 inhabitants. It is an interesting city with mediterranean architecture, golden sandy colored structures and wide avenues with trees and parks throughout the city.

The Wharf District

A major center for shipping in the region, New Orleans port reflects the efficiency of the portmasters who manage the docks.

New Orleans: Economy

Its main exports are kegs, hawks, bronze and canoes.

Its main imports are statues, nets, stone, folklore, pearls, bricks, weapons, and compasses.

New Orleans: The Races

New Orleans is one of the cities that has a major population of halflings, with a secondary population of humans. A smattering of dwarves and elves can be found in the city.

New Orleans: Traveler's Inns

Victor's Margaretta Haven

Dancing Shoe Inn

Vagabone Acres

East Side Hamlets

Miscellaneous Businesses

Drap Industries

One of the major business's in New Orleans is a cloth factory. A Drenskellar operation, it makes use of the global connections of the other businesses allied with the Drenskellar conglomeration. The material it produces are the finest materials that are available the world over. Raw supplies such as cotton, flax, wool and other materials are imported from the regions around New Orleans and the cities it trades with.

This is the only source of magically imbued materials that are generally available to the public. They are produced in a variety of colors and patterns not normally seen of such material. For the customer with the right financial means, all these fine clothes are available. For goods not ordered or purchased on site, the surplus is shipped out to merchants all over the world.


New Orleans is governed by a municipal council. The twelve member council is responsible for all management of the city.

Major Temples in


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