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The City of Marseille, Eporue

City of Marseille

Marseille's is an independent city, once part of a larger kingdom, which sits on an island east of the main continent of Eporue. Cartographers have included it as part of the continent for purposes of mapping and navigation. It is ruled by a sly and devious ruler by the name of Zedrain the Black.

Marseille has a population of 5,900 inhabitants.

The Wharf District

Of all the environs of the city, the Wharf is probably the safest area overall, and it is none too friendly either. Marseille's holds the title of most evil city in all of Eporue and runs a quiet contest with several other cities for most evil in the known world.

The wharf area of Marseille is a cacophony of sounds, smells and sights. Hawkers come from all parts of the island to hawk their wares to incoming and outgoing ships. It is full of temporary tents, carts and other vehicles capable of moving products to and from the market.

City guards move freely from corner to corner carefully watching the gathered throngs and intervening in situations that might disturb the quiet bustle of the market. It is rumored that tithes are collected from merchants with severe consequences for not forking over the asking price.

Marseille: Economy

Marseille as a trading center is ruthless. It's market occurs in a massive and crowded wharf district. Hawkers and merchants come from all over the island and hope to find buyers among the masses to sell their wares to. The larger merchants hold rooms in the local trading facilities along the wharf where potential clients and suppliers can meet without fighting the noise and bedlam of the crowded streets.

Marseille is a major manufacturer of fine boots.

Its main exports are wooden sculptures, arrows and boots. In addition, the city is a major provider of trained quarrymen.

Its main imports are bags, fruit, powder and liquor.

Marseille: The Races

Marseille is one of the few cities to sport an almost exclusive human populous. Other races are noticeable because of their uniqueness and lack of suitable compatriots in the crushing masses of the city.

Marseille: Traveler's Inns

The Moldy Mattress
Truemann Kapotent Inn
Monk's Bunks
Damien's Den

Miscellaneous Businesses



Marseille is governed by a ruthless, cunning dictator. His agents are known extortionists and aid his rule by subjugating anyone who might be in a position to challenge his power. Trade is essential to the cities survival, so certain favors are given to many of the major merchant houses who have ongoing business in the city. The exact extent of this collusion is not known outside of those walls within which these activities occur. The city fields an impressive military army which is responsible for both the cities safety as well as the control of the rest of the island. Modeled partially after the fine legion style, the units are deployed legionary style and all members of a legion work areas other than their home territory.

Major Temples in Marseille


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