Boston, Acirema

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Population: 34,300 Neutral City
 Boston is an interesting city for the common traveler.  Designed to be tolerant of the arid conditions that prevail in the territory, the city buildings are low and have wide porches and large open windows.  Located at the northern end of the peninsula that encompasses the territory governed by the "League of Five Nations", Boston is less impacted by the arid conditions that rack the other cities of the league.

The city streets are paved with hard granite and swept clean of the sand that blows in from the uncultivated lands around the city.

The Wharf District

Placed at a point where it can benefit from the traffic from all the cities in bays of Tecumseh Bay, Cove of Madre and Straits of Indian, the port is a lively active area.  Expanded over the years since the city was founded, Boston has grown with the traffic and trade its position has given it.

Boston: Economy

Boston as a trading center is frenzied and volatile.  Shipping from the north and south intermingle in a delightful mix providing a rich and prosperous atmosphere for any merchant lucky enough to dock his ship there.  Located along a major north/south trade route, the city has its share of indigenous traffic that supports its shipping as well as the general markets of the city.

Its main exports are meat, rubies, magical research and silk.

Its main imports are large ships, pigs and alcohol.

Boston: The Races

Boston is one of the cities that has a major human population.  The other races are mixed equally between halflings, elves and dwarves.  The human population represents 70% of the population with 10% halfling, 10% elven, and 10% dwarven.

Boston: Traveler's Inns

Flair's Nook
Ma Kettle's Inn
Baxter's Bonanza, A real Dude Ranch
Music Minstrel

Miscellaneous Businesses

Meeting Hall
Massage Parlor


Boston is governed by the League of Five Nations.  It is one of five cities that are part of the League.  The other cities are Plymouth, St. Mary's, Jamestown and Charleston.  The League controls not only the government of the major cities in the region, but also has a strong influence on the communities and region that encompass the area where the cities are located.

Major Temples in Boston


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