Map of Acirfa/Acirema/Ailiartsua

Ailiartsua is a string of islands off the eastern end of Acirema.   The largest 4 islands have major populations in cities and a variety of smaller villages that govern how the land is worked and the independence of each island.  The land is fertile, but the growing seasons are short.


The largest island is the one governed by the city of Sydney.  It is the first island off the eastern end of the continent of Acirema. The island is characterized by a gentle rolling, grass-covered topology.  There are many small villages and towns all over the island. 


The next island in the chain is home to the cities of Wurunjerri and Turrball.   The island is similar to the first with rolling topology that is also grass-covered.  The ground tends to be rockier and has higher hills than its neighbor.

Jolmitia Republic

The city of Workia sits on an island that one time many millennium ago was a series of volcanoes.  They pushed the island up and out from a common center and over time the island has developed a rich topsoil and very vegetative topology.  It is the only island with large forested areas.


The city of Whadjuk sits on the smallest island in the Ailiartsua chain.  It is the only city on the island and the main destination for travelers who make it this far.   The island is rich in mineral resources and has a large population of dwarven miners who bring precious metals and gems to the city for trade.

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