Avalon Metaphaze II



"Aiee!  Der be adventures in dis werld.  Beware der goblins und der oder nasties!"

o! And well met hearty travelers! You stand at the portal of a new world.  A place of magic and wonder and fraught with dangers to keep your adrenalin on edge and your heart pumping!

n the beginning there were elves and magic. This world was alive and life here was idyllic.  Then the magic went away, dwindling in the blessings it brought to the world of elves.  For many thousands of years, the world lived in ignorance of these events.  Human civilization took over where once elves cultivated their precious forests. Once sacred places were trampled in the name of progress.  All was not as it was thought to be and one day, human technology released the greatest evil of all.  Magic re-emerged and was corrupted beyond belief. Elves once again returned to this world and found their paradise in chaos.  Time and events had corrupted the once pristine world and evil needed to be fought to restore life to a world racked in death.  The battles were unimaginable in scope and power.  Every inch gained by one side was given up in the next decade.  Armies came and triumphed then dwindled away to farm what had been captured, only to be decimated in the next wave of evil's retaliation.   Combat and destruction have become a way of life for those who still fly their standards.   Balance is now the only true goal of those who live in this world.

nter into AVALON if you dare!  But before you go, you may want to browse the library of  information that has been collected here for your education. A well versed traveler does not become a dead victim on the side of the road quite so quickly as those who choose to remain ignorant of the dangers.

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